How do I share my content and materials with clients?

There are 2 basic ways of sharing content.

  1. Links
  2. Files (attachments)

Links are by far the most flexible and convenient way to share content with clients because they make it easy to share any type of content - written, video, PDF, etc through Nudge. The issue: your content needs to be hosted on the web to be linkable.

Certain types of materials, like client reports with personal info, may need to be shared as attached files to protect privacy or save time.

1. How to share links with clients.

  1. Message directly with your client.
  2. Message to multiple clients at once.
  3. Schedule messages to reach clients at a specified time.
  4. Post to a group social forum.
  5. Add Program Cards to keep content top of mind.

2. How to share files with clients.

You can share images (png, jpg) and PDF files with clients in Nudge through messaging.

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