What is a Card?

A card is a mechanism for sharing content, building one time forms for your clients to fill out, and assigning trackers to gather valuable insights into your clients’ daily or weekly habits. Program Cards appear in the ‘Program’ tab of the client app; clients can scroll through the program feed to see all content and tracking that’s been assigned to them.

Program Cards can take one of 4 forms: a content card, a form creation Card, a tracking card or a blank card that allows you to start from scratch. Within each card, you can customize the fields by adding (or removing) titles, descriptive text, images, videos, links, and trackers (for tracking cards).

You can schedule Program Cards to appear in client apps on a daily or weekly cadence, or on a completely unique timeframe, i.e. on Day [x] of your program. You can assign cards to individual clients, groups or cohorts of clients, or all clients at once.

For some ideas on creative card concepts, check out this webinar recording.

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