How to sync Google Fit

First, you’ll need to know where to find the list of apps and wearable trackers that your clients can choose to sync with. 

If you’re onboarding a brand new client, they will have the option to sync with partner apps to pull-in some health data passively during the account creation process. 

After they’ve synced with your account via a unique Invite ID that you’ve provided them and created a user account with an email and password, they’ll be prompted to sync from a list of health tracking apps if they so choose.  

They can also opt to skip this step during sign-up. If they skip this step, clients can always find this page later by tapping their  Settings tab in the app and then selecting Connected Apps and Trackers.

Once your clients are comfortable navigating to the Connected Apps and Trackers page, they can select their desired tracking apps to sync with. Each app has its own unique way of syncing, so it’s important that you and your clients know what to expect when syncing with each app. 

Syncing with Google Fit

After selecting Google Fit from the list of Connected Apps and Trackers, you’ll be directed to login to the Google account you wish you sync with Nudge. Select from the list of emails provided or tap 'Use another account' to add the correct account, and enter your email password. 

Next, you’ll have the option to choose which types of data you wish to share with your coach through Nudge. Select the options you would like to share and then select Allow. Then choose the Nudge app to Open with and select OK.

Once you tap OK, you’ll be redirected back to the Nudge app. You’ve now successfully synced with Google Fit!

Once you’ve synced with Google Fit, you should start to see your data sync into Nudge within 24 hours. As with most of our apps, it can take up to 24 hours for your data to sync from Google Fit into Nudge. So as long as you see your data flow into Nudge within 24 hours of a particular day, everything is working properly. Make sure to open Google Fit daily to ensure that your data looks correct there first before it syncs over to Nudge!

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