WORKSHOP: How to get the most from your client check-ins w/ Laura Poburan

How much more effective do you think you could be if you could consistently get the information you need to help clients when you check-in with them?

Most of us have been there with the clients you just can’t seem to unlock to get the real answers at the root of where they are and what they’re feeling. This live session is for you so make sure to register to get reminders and a recording.

We learned from Laura that there are specific steps you can take to consistently make your check-ins more real, informative and impactful.

In this webinar, Laura gives you her own playbook so you can immediately upgrade your check-in process to connect on a deeper level with clients and unlock more of the information you need to guide their transformation. [Aug 3, 2021]

We recapped some lessons learned from our chat with Laura in this office hours - check it out!

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