How do I create a Program Card

If you want to share content, link to other websites, detail instructions or simply want to post something motivational for your clients, consider creating a Program Card.

A Program Card is a note that sits at the top of the Daily tab for your clients, so it's a great place to post content that you want to be readily available.

There are several places from your coach account that you can add Program Cards for clients: your All Clients list, in groups, or in an individual client's profile. This means that a client can have more than one Program Card assigned to them - one that's unique to them, one that applies to all of your clients, plus one for all groups that they're in. We recommend creating no more than 2-3 Program Notes that would apply to any one client, however. We've found that any more is often distracting.

To create a Program Note to apply to all of your clients, just tap on the Settings button in the top-right corner of your All Clients list. 

Under the Program Card header, select 'Create a Program Card'. You'll have the option to start with a few templates: Welcome Message, Resources, Book a Call, and Course Link. Select one of these or choose 'Blank' to start from scratch!

Based on the type of template you choose, you'll then be shown an example Program Card with a Headline, some example text, and a button (or several) that hyperlink to outside URLs. From here, you can:

  • edit any of these fields by clicking into them and changing the text.

  • add additional fields by tapping the "+" sign under the existing Card.

  • rearrange the order of all fields by tapping the drag handle next to the field and dragging it into your desired order.

  • or delete a field entirely by clicking the garbage icon on the right.

As you make edits, you should see the screen on the right (that looks like a phone screen) update to reflect the edits you're making. This is how the Card will appear in your clients' apps.

To create a Program Card that applies to a subset of clients in a group, tap the "+" sign under the 'My Groups' header in your coach account, give your group a name, and follow the same steps listed above. 

Or if you want to add a Program Card to an existing group, just select the group from the list of 'My Groups', tap the Settings button in the top-right corner of the page, and follow the same steps listed above.

To create a Program Card for an individual client, select the client's name from your All Clients list. Then tap Personal Program. From here, follow the same steps listed above to share a personalized note with your client.

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