How to start a Zoom meeting in Nudge Coach.

Once you've connected your Zoom account with your Nudge coach account, you can easily start a Zoom session with one or several clients in a few simple steps. 

First, go to your All Clients list and select the client you want to start a meeting with.

From the client's profile, you should see the Zoom icon in the Messaging section of the page on the bottom-left. Select this.

A message box will then pop up where you can write a message to include with the Zoom invite (optional). Add a note if you would like and select Send.

Next, you must confirm you're ready to start your Zoom meeting. Select Start Meeting when you're ready. If you're not ready to open a Zoom session, select Cancel.

You'll then be brought into your Zoom meeting to wait for your client! 

On your client's end, they will receive a message in the Messages tab of the Nudge app with your Zoom invite. They will need to tap the Zoom invite to join your Zoom meeting.

**NOTE: It is necessary for your clients to download the Zoom app to their phone or tablet in order to join your Zoom meeting. Make sure to have your clients download the Zoom app so they can access your session without issue.**

How to send the Zoom meeting invite to multiple clients:

To send a Zoom invite to multiple clients, follow the same steps listed above. In the "To" section of the Zoom pop-up message, type out any names of other clients you would like to invite to your meeting, or type the name of a group to send all clients in a group the invite at once and select Send.

Select Start Meeting.

You have now started your group session! Congrats!

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