How do I create a social community for my clients?

If you’re looking to add a social element to your program, consider creating a community for your clients or subsets of your client population to chat with and support each other on their journey. A community is a great way to share content and get feedback from clients all at once. It also allows clients to encourage and motivate each other to meet their goals.

To create a community social forum, select the 'Communities' tab from the heading at the top of your coach account, click the ‘+’ sign under the “Communities” heading in the left-hand column. Then give your Community a name. Remember, this name will be displayed in your client’s app in the Communities tab

Next, to give your clients the ability to upload images, you'll see an option when creating a new community to "Allow clients to post images." Select yes to this prompt so your clients can join in the fun! Clients can then easily upload images in the Communities tab by tapping the Camera icon next to the text field at the bottom of the page.

Coaches and clients wanting to share additional content with their community can do so by sharing images and PDF documents to to the social forum. As a coach, you'll see a paperclip image next to the text field of your Communities tab. Just tap that icon to start sharing!

Also, keep in mind that as a coach, you have the ability to delete any inapplicable or inappropriate or posts, so if someone posts an image you'd prefer other members of the community not consume, just hover over the post from your coach account, tap the three dots (•••) that appear in the top right corner of the post, tap Delete and confirm your deletion.

A great way to add a competitive element to a challenge is to add a  Leaderboard so participants of the community can follow each other’s progress while they chat and support each other through the social forum.

If you would like to add a Leaderboard to a community, select ‘Yes’ when prompted during the next step. You can then choose from a list of metrics to base the leaderboard on. Any number-type tracker that you've created can be used as the metric for a leaderboard, so don't hesitate to get creative with your trackers! 

Steps is the most common and effective for general engagement because the many clients will already be familiar with the concept of steps tracking challenges and can easily sync in data from build in step-tracking apps like Apple Health, or wearables like Fitbits.

Next you can choose whether you want all new clients to get access to this community by default when they sign up.

And voila! You’ve now created your community! Your clients can now access it through the Communities tab in the Nudge app.

Important Privacy Note

Remember that no clients personal information will ever be visible to other clients in the Community until they opt-in by either choosing to post on the community's social forum, or tapping the “Join” button in the app to add themselves to the Leaderboard.

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