What are my messaging options?

There are several ways to send messages to your clients or patients. The simplest way is to select your client’s profile and tapping the Messages tab on the top-right (the chat bubble 💬 to the right of the client's card list) to see a feed of your messages on the right-hand column. You can then type your message in the message bar. This is a great way to send a personal/tailored message to an individual.

Another way to send a message is to go to the Messages section (same chat bubble 💬) in the top options bar of your coach account and select ‘New.’ Then select 'Message'.

You can then select the user - or users - you would like to send a message to. If you send a message to multiple users at a time, keep in mind the text can’t be as personalized as an individual message (ex. you can’t address each recipient by name). These messages will, however, go out to each individual user as a 1:1 message, so they will not know who else you’ve sent this nudge to.

The visual below on the right is how the message sent to multiple users at a time would appear in the users' apps.

In addition to sending messages to individuals, you can also send a message to a group of users, or to all of your clients. Just begin typing the name of the group you would like to message. You can then select the desired group (or groups).

You can type “All Clients” in the ‘To’ bar to reach your entire client population.

You can also schedule messages to be sent at a later date and time. A scheduled message will be received by each recipient at the selected date and time in their time zone. Just tap the ‘Schedule’ box to get started.

You can select the frequency you would like your scheduled message to deploy. Keep in mind that if you’re scheduling a message to be sent daily for a month, for example, it’s likely going to feel more robotic and less personal for your client. We typically recommend scheduling recurring messages for no longer than a week at a time to avoid that pratfall.

In the example below, the message is scheduled to be sent daily from 10/17 until 10/21.

For recommendations on when and how to schedule messages, check out this webinar.

You can view, edit, and duplicate scheduled messages if you go to the ‘Scheduled’ tab in the Messages section.

To duplicate an existing scheduled message, just tap on the message and a box will appear to edit its contents. Tap ‘Duplicate’ in the bottom-right corner. 

In the example below, we’ve duplicated a message and then changed the recipient, scheduled delivery, and message content.

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