How do 'Alerts' work?

The Smart Lists feature in your coaching platform is designed to automatically show you when you may want to touch base with a specific client based on your coaching protocol.

For example, let's say I want to have at least one touchpoint with every client I work with every 14 days. I can create a Smart List based on that criteria. 

To set this up, start by selecting the Smart Lists tab in your All Clients list.

Then, click on 'New' at the top right of the Smart Lists section.

Enter a descriptive TITLE, i.e. "No touchpoints in 14 days". In the CONDITIONS drop-down, select the appropriate criteria, i.e. "Last message sent to client". In the TIMEFRAME drop-down, select the appropriate timeframe, i.e. "Over 14 days ago".

For this example, you're done - click SAVE.

Now, as soon as any client from your list meets the criteria you just set, they will automatically appear in your Smart List so that you can take the appropriate action with them.

** NOTE: If you add multiple conditions to a Smart List, ALL conditions must be true for a client to automatically appear in the Smart List.

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