Nudge Platform Updates! What's New & What's Next

This week, we dive into the latest Nudge platform updates and what’s coming next so you’re on top of everything we’re giving you to engage clients, give them transformative program experiences and change lives for the better.

We cover:

  • New Client List sorting options that let you see who’s engaged the most recently at a glance
  • Admin Account updates that let you see Active Users at a glance and manage Cards created by any of your team members
  • Alternative Community View that sorts posts by the most recent comments so nothing gets buried in old threads and missed
  • The new Web version of Nudge for clients with it’s upcoming new email invite option
  • Plus we’ll discuss what we’re exploring for upcoming development

And one last thing. If you need to export and analyze data input by users across a population, we’ve also recently added a new Client Input by Day Report.

Watch this quick demo from our Lead Mobile Developer Keith showing how to create a few pivot tables for quick graphs and analysis. [Jun 14, 2022]

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