Is there a Zapier integration?


For more context about how Zapier and email automation fit within the process of setting up your program, you may want to refer to this post about setting up a steps challenge with email automation.

How to add email automation to scale your online coaching program

One of the questions we get most often from our clients who are wondering how to scale an online coaching program is how they can integrate email automation to send content on a set schedule during their program.

Thanks to our integration with Zapier just about anyone can set this up in a few steps so long as your email marketing tool also integrates with Zapier.

If you aren’t familiar, Zapier is a platform that lets you integrate just about any popular web applications you use to create time-saving automations and workflows.

Before you go through the steps of ‘turning on’ this integration, you’ll want to go ahead and...

  1. Create your Zapier account (you can use a free account to start)
  2. Craft your automated email sequence in your email marketing platform (we’ll use Mailchimp for this example)

You’ll also be prompted to enter your login credentials for both Nudge Coach and your email marketing platform during this process, so try to have that information handy.

Setting up the Zapier integration

Log into your Zapier account and we’ll start working from the prompts right in front of you on your dashboard.

In the field on the left, start typing Nudge Coach and select it when it appears, and in the field to the right, start typing the name of the email marketing platform you use.

Then below those fields, two new prompts will appear.

In the dropdown menu on the left, we’ll choose ‘Client is added to a group’ as the trigger that will kick off this automation, and in the field on the right, choose whatever you want to have happen in your email platform.

For our example, we’re going to ‘Add subscriber to tag’ because we have our email automation sequence set up in Mailchimp to send to only those individuals with the tag ‘mindful-steps’.

Note:  If the clients who are joining your challenge group are not already in your email platform, you’ll want to select an action like ‘Add as new subscriber’ instead.

We’ll select continue and Zapier will now walk us through the steps of matching up our fields in Nudge Coach with fields in Mailchimp so the data transfers properly into Mailchimp each time a new client gets added to our new group in Nudge Coach.

Choose your Nudge Coach account, and select the Group you just created and then Zapier will prompt us to run a quick test before continuing.

Remember earlier in the post when we strongly suggested you go ahead and create yourself an account in the Nudge app for clients to test out your group configuration?

We also did that so you can run these Zapier tests :)

Hit Test & Continue and after a few seconds Zapier will grab details from the Nudge app account you just created and added to your group.

If it’s successful you’ll be moved on to start matching up the fields that you want to pull into your email marketing platform.

Follow those steps carefully, run another test when prompted at the end, and if the results look correct, we’re ready to turn on our automated email sequence!

And boom! You’ve done it!

Now whenever a new client is added to your coaching group in Nudge Coach, they are queued up to receive your automated email campaign as they go throughout your program.

For additional details on the Zapier integration, check out this office hours recording!

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